Trusting God with CS Lewis’ Dog

“But of course these conjectures as to why God does what He does are probably of no more value than my dog’s ideas of what I am up to when I sit and read.”
–C S Lewis

I found this quote in Lewis’ book, Reflections on the Psalms. This isn’t one of those weird quotes weirdly attributed to Lewis. He actually said it!

I laughed when I read it. I have a dog. She is always greatly disappointed when she follows me down the hall, thinking we’re about to do thrilling things only to see me sit in my chair yet again and read.

She stands and stares at me for a bit. Then resigns herself that I’m actually staying in the chair and not doing thrilling stuff. Oh well. Better luck next time. Off she goes to lie down in some pillowed location.

I’ve often wondered what she thinks I’m doing. I am flattered that Lewis thinks the same way! Also makes me wonder what it was like to be CS Lewis’ dog.

Dogs don’t understand what humans are doing. Humans don’t understand what God is doing. Yeah, we’re observing similar stuff, but our understanding is so cloudy.

My dog just carries on. People on the other hand, criticize, whine, and complain. Some even blaspheme and turn from God entirely.

This is one area where dogs, often called “man’s best friend,” are way better than people. Confused people often get angry. Confused dogs typically just go lie down and wait for the confusing thing to stop and normal thing to start again.

We really have no idea what God is up to. “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts” (Isaiah 55:9).

Don’t let your confusion make you criticize God. He knows what He’s doing. The fact that you don’t is not a problem with God! Regardless of what God is up to or whether He’s doing what you want Him to do; God is pretty smart and worthy of trust. Be patient. Go take a nap in a pillowed location.

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