Freak Out With Those Who Freak Out?

There are several people in my church who freak out about everything.

One has written me worried emails repeatedly about Donald Trump starting World War III. I see and hear worries about the Covid 19 Pandemic that no one should ever leave their house ever, we’re all going to die! Then there’s the constant cycle of “the next election is the MOST IMPORTANT election in all history!”

There’s always something with these kinds of people. There will always be a crisis, always impending doom. They never seem to catch on to the fact that none of their worries actually ever happen.

The Bible tells me to “weep with those who weep, and rejoice with those who rejoice.”

Some of these people are weeping with their worries. Am I to worry with those who worry?

A good biblical example is when the disciples are out on the boat in a storm. They are freaking out, thinking they’re going to die. Unlike Covid 19 Pandemics, they were probably pretty close to death.

What was Jesus doing? He was sleeping. This is one of my favorite stories in the Bible about Jesus. I love this. He just didn’t care. Jesus had a bigger view; the disciples were stuck in the moment.

On the flip side, contrast this event with Jesus in the Garden before His betrayal. This time Jesus is the one freaked out, sweating drops of blood. The disciples, meanwhile, are sleeping! They are never on the same page.

This is exactly how I feel with these people in my church. They are freaked out about the next election. I don’t much care about elections. Meanwhile, I practically yell at them during my sermons about not playing games with their faith, “you will stand before God someday.” They give me a blank look, “Why are you worried about that? I said the prayer when I was six.”

I have no solutions to this constant freaked out about different stuff scenario. I merely see that my experience lines up with that of my Lord and Savior. I find this comforting, at the same time, wow He must have been frustrated!

I also know that I need to develop patience and the right heart toward freaked out people. I need to beware of condescension. I also need to know that I bet I’m not as concerned about things in my life as the Lord is. What am I missing? What crisis am I freaked out about that has no merit?

Humility solves a lot. Humility is hard. A guy can be humble in a very arrogant way. Watch and pray, lest you enter temptation.

2 thoughts on “Freak Out With Those Who Freak Out?

  1. Cool post! I’m often frustrated and sad because people don’t seem to care about the things that I care about. They don’t freak out about the things that are obvious dangers and it’s really maddening. And then they stress out over the dumbest things! But I think the Bible tells us to care about the things they care about, to minister to their needs, to come alongside them in their own issues, not ours. Fear is where I kind of draw the line. I’m just not going to join anyone in fear. That stuff is too contagious.


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